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Texas Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Many states, including Texas, are “employment at-will” states. In general, employment at-will means that an employer can legally terminate an employee for any lawful reason at any time. However, this does not allow an employer to fire an employee for any reason at all. If an employer terminates an employee for an unlawful reason, the termination is often called a “wrongful termination.” There are many reasons that the law considers a termination wrongful. For example, wrongful terminations can include:

  • Situations in which the employer breaks the terms of the employee’s contract by firing him or her.
  • If the firing is motivated by illegal discrimination.
  • When the employer retaliates against a worker who files a workers’ compensation claim.
  • If the firing is meant to serve as retaliation against a whistleblower complaint or an employee who refuses to perform an illegal act.

The laws that govern these claims often require that an employee file a claim within a certain amount of time and often with a particular state or federal agency. If the employee does not file in time, he or she may not be able to take the case to court. To ensure that your rights are protected, it is important that you contact an experienced employment law attorney. Connect with the Leichter Law Firm PC by calling (956) 205-0884 to see how a qualified lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve.