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Whatever your occupation, when you go to work you expect to be treated fairly and respectfully by both your colleagues and your employer. A comfortable workplace is an asset to business owners since it fosters loyalty and productivity. More importantly, workers feel valued when they are part of a company that acknowledges and rewards them for their labor. When you work in a professional setting where you feel safe and appreciated, you can better enjoy your job. You can strive for advancement, openly communicate with your co-workers, and make reasonable requests to your boss without fear of retaliation.

Unfortunately, not every U.S. employee works in those ideal conditions. For far too many people across the nation, their work is a place of stress, anxiety, and fear. Sometimes employers create or allow a hostile, discriminatory environment. Workers are openly harassed, denied advancement, and even fired because of their race, age, national origin, gender, or disability. Employers have also been known to withhold overtime wages and other forms of compensatory pay.

It’s important to remember that this sort of treatment isn’t just immoral—it’s illegal. Texas and federal employment laws specify that employers are required to follow strict regulations to maintain a fair, safe workplace. If you have been denied your rightful wages, wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or sexually harassed, you might be legally entitled to financial compensation from your employer. The Texas employment lawyers at Leichter Law Firm PC can help you protect your rights and win damages for your mistreatment. When you work with our skilled legal team, you are guaranteed the attention of a Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist.

Successful Results for Workers in Various Industries

Cases We Handle

As the employment lawyers at Leichter Law Firm PC know all too well, some employers are skilled at casually breaking the law. Because they are in a position of power over their employees, they do not expect legal repercussions for discrimination or withholding wages. Our experienced legal team can help you hold your employer accountable for a variety of illegal worker abuses.

Illegal employer tactics appear in every imaginable industry, and we have a record dealing with a wide array of cases. This list is only a small sample of the workers we are equipped to represent. Wage exploitation, discrimination, and harassment can occur in any job. If you have been subjected to unfair treatment at work, you can benefit from our legal counsel.

It was a cosmic moment when I became aware of David Langenfeld. An odd late night television ad brought us together. He helped me in a very complicated employment case. He was thorough and prepared. I was a nervous wreck in my mediation. In the end, he was most successful and I am, to this day grateful, for what was a very tumultuous employment situation. He took care of me. To this day we remain in contact and avid baseball friends and foes (me-Kansas City Royals and he, Houston Astros). He is my friend and an attorney I can support and recommend… Any day …. Any time…. Any where.

- White, Holly

Employee Rights Violations in the U.S.

It can be easy to feel isolated and alone when you face unfair treatment at your job. You may feel like the only person at your workplace subjected to sexual harassment or discrimination. You might not know whether or not you are the only person suffering because of unpaid overtime wages. As solitary as workplace abuse can feel, you are not alone. A shockingly high number of people all over the nation are subjected to employee mistreatment. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission tracks the discrimination charges filed by workers. In 2016 there were:

  • 32,309 charges based on racial discrimination
  • 26,934 charges based on sex discrimination
  • 9,840 charges based on discrimination due to national origin
  • 3,825 charges based on religious discrimination
  • 20,857 charges based on age discrimination
  • 28,073 charges based on discrimination due to disability

The number of abused workers increases dramatically if we consider those affected by sexual harassment, unpaid overtime wages, and retaliation.

Employee Mistreatment and Texas Law

Since Texas is an “employment-at-will” state, many workers who are terminated or demoted assume that they have no legal recourse. Basically, “employment-at-will” means that employers can freely alter the terms of your employment unless restricted by an employee contract. You can legally be fired at any time, without notice, for almost any reason. However, state and federal laws do restrict employers from terminating your employment on the basis of:

  • Making a discrimination complaint
  • Filing for workers’ compensation
  • Reporting illegal violations
  • Jury duty
  • Refusing to carry out an illegal order

Imagine that your employer owed you unpaid overtime wages. For several weeks in a row, you had worked overtime but were not paid at the legal minimum rate of time and a half for the extra hours. Bringing the situation up to your manager only results in you being fired. Not only would you have a case concerning unpaid wages, but you would be able to seek damages from your old employer for wrongful termination. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate, or punish you, for exercising your rights. In such a case, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

State and federal employment laws can be complicated and nuanced. It can be difficult to tell whether you have been wrongfully terminated or legally fired. Additionally, even if you keep careful track of the wages you are rightfully due, many companies feel powerful enough to outright contest your numbers. Workers can feel hopeless, as though there’s no real way to fight a large corporation and win. However, an experienced employment lawyer can help you safeguard your rights and secure the money you deserve. If you suspect that you have been a victim of employee mistreatment, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The tough legal team at Leichter Law Firm PC has extensive experience representing clients against seemingly untouchable businesses. For example, we have won a federal lawsuit against a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.

Employment Law Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re seeking denied wages or wrongfully lost your job, time is often of the essence. We generally believe that you should speak to an attorney personally to seek answers to your questions, but in a case that is crucial to your financial livelihood, we understand that your search for advice may need immediate answers. We’ve gathered a few of our most commonly received questions for your convenience. Call us at (956) 205-0884 if you don’t see your question or your question isn’t fully answered.

How much is my case worth?

That largely depends on the specifics of your situation. You may be able to recover lost wages, compensatory damages, attorney’s fees, and any punitive damages the court imposes on the employer. The law understands that a huge number of financial difficulties can arise from being mistreated in the workplace. If you expected overtime wages and they were withheld, you might have been forced to default on your mortgage or to sell valuable property. The courts can award compensation for these sorts of problems in addition to the wages actually lost. You may also be the recipient of punitive damages, or heavy fines designed to punish the employer for wrongdoing.

Why should I seek compensation?

If you have been treated unjustly and illegally by your employer or a prospective employer, you could deserve sizeable compensation. Workers who are exploited or discriminated against not only face financial distress—they face an unforgivable violation of their basic rights. For many, seeking compensation is about holding the guilty employer accountable for their actions. Others fight to get the damages they desperately need to pay their bills and meet their cost of living expenses. Facing workplace abuse can be emotionally and financially draining. Far too many people simply assume that an employment lawsuit would be ineffective or costly, and they wind up missing out on substantial financial recompense. A skilled employment lawyer can discuss the specifics of your case with you and help you decide whether to pursue a suit.

Why should I choose Leichter Law Firm PC?

Our knowledgeable, tough legal team prioritizes getting results for our clients. We firmly believe that workers deserve fair, just treatment at all times. This commitment to U.S. workers makes us go the extra mile for each and every client. We offer the services of a Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist for every case, and our long history of legal victories is proof of our dedication. These results also demonstrate that we are able to handle employment abuse cases in a wide variety of industries.

Contact a Texas Employment Lawyer

If you suspect that you have been treated illegally by a manager or an employer, you need immediate legal counsel. Generally, you have only 180 days to file a discrimination complaint, and the sooner you speak with a dedicated employment lawyer, the better. Every employee deserves to be treated with fairness and respect by their employer. When you are discriminated against, harassed, or financially exploited, your employer is doing a great disservice to you and to this country. At Leichter Law Firm PC, we are proud to defend the rights of workers all across the U.S. If you have been unjustly abused by your employer, contact us today by calling (956) 205-0884. You can speak with an experienced legal professional to learn exactly how we can help you get the financial compensation you deserve.