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Butcher in Houston claimed he was denied of overtime pay

A man in Houston who works at a supermarket has filed a claim against his employer over allegations that he was not paid for the excessive time he worked, a November 21 article in the SE Texas Record reported.

In a class action lawsuit initiated by Yasel Campos, he and other employees have alleged that Prudent Inc., violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by not giving their overtime pay. Campos claimed that when he began working as a butcher for Prudent Inc., known for operating Mahendi Prasla and Mercado El Paisano supermarkets in August 2015, his overtime pay was not given to him even after on the job for more than 40 hours of work a week. The FLSA requires employers pay at least time and a half to employees who have been working in excess of the 40-hour/week allotted to them. Other claims were also filed by Campos who was wrongfully terminated from his job after he sought rightful compensation. Campos is seeking to recover all the wages he thinks he deserves including all the expenses he deserves for undergoing court trial.

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