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Texas Reporting Unpaid Wages Retaliation Attorneys

You work hard, but unfortunately, employers do not always pay their employees the money they deserve. Too often, employees are afraid to file an unpaid wages claim because of fear of retaliation. In Texas, it’s illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee because they make a complaint about unpaid wages. If an employer retaliates against you because of an unpaid wages complaint, you may deserve compensation from the employer.

Retaliation for unpaid wages can take many forms. Job loss is certainly one type of retaliation, but other types of retaliation may not be so obvious. Passing someone up for a promotion can be retaliation. Negative evaluations, poor references, reassignment of job duties, or increased supervision can all amount to retaliation. Threats or comments that create a hostile work environment may even amount to retaliation. If an employer takes an adverse action shortly after the employee makes a complaint for unpaid wages, the employee may have a valid claim for retaliation under Texas law.

If you are being retaliated against because of an unpaid wages claim, contact a Texas employment attorney as soon as possible. You have rights, and an experienced lawyer can help you evaluate your claim and determine what to do in order to get results. Your attorney can help you file your claim in the appropriate time period. If you suspect retaliation because of an unpaid wages complaint, Leichter Law Firm PC is here to protect your best interests. Our lawyers represent clients in a variety of employment retaliation matters including unpaid wages complaint retaliation.

Call (956) 205-0884 or complete our online contact form, and our Texas unpaid wages retaliation attorneys will evaluate your claim. Let us explain all of your legal options. We will represent you with no money upfront and no fee unless you win. We offer free consultations to anyone with questions about whether they are the victim of retaliation for an unpaid wages complaint.

Do I Need an Unpaid Wages Retaliation Lawyer?

Texas law allows employers to terminate an employee for almost any reason. But there are some important exceptions. While Texas is an at-will state, it’s still illegal to discriminate against someone for filing a claim for unpaid wages. Even if the retaliation case seems clear, your employer may have excuses for taking an adverse action after you make a complaint about unpaid wages. Chances are your employer isn’t going to have any trouble thinking of reasons to justify their behavior. You may be unpleasantly surprised when your employer claims there’s a valid reason for the retaliation against you.

A number of things must be proved in order for you to win your unpaid wages retaliation claim. You must show that the employer’s adverse actions are motivated by the unpaid wages complaint. Proving retaliation can be more complex than you might think. Having an experienced unpaid wages retaliation lawyer fighting for you can help you get to the truth.

Your attorney can help you gather the evidence that proves causation between the employer’s adverse action and the unpaid wages complaint. An independent investigation can produce critical evidence that helps you prove your case. Your attorney can help you file the appropriate actions and handle the tough legal work that will help you get results.

When you’re the victim of unpaid wages, you may have significant damages. In addition to your unpaid wages, you may have other losses that stem from not getting the pay you deserve. Having an attorney on your side helps you explore every aspect of the case, ensuring that you don’t make critical mistakes or forget steps that may prevent you from getting the full compensation. An attorney can give you the best chance of recovering fair compensation and receiving justice in your case.

Why Choose Leichter Law Firm PC to Handle My Case?

Leichter Law Firm PC is an experienced leader in multiple types of retaliation claims, including unpaid wages. Our clients are the victims of employment retaliation in a number of contexts including after they report unpaid wages. Our founder, Louis Leichter, has Martindale-Hubbell’s top rating – the AV Preeminent rating. David Langfeld holds board certification in labor and employment law, meaning he has expert knowledge that the vast majority of other lawyers do not have. Our attorneys have an award-winning combination of training and experience. We put that experience to work for you.

With offices in Houston, McAllen, and Austin, we have resources throughout Texas to meet your needs. We believe that high-quality legal representation should be available to everyone, regardless of financial status. That’s why we represent clients on a contingency basis. If you don’t win your case, you don’t pay. Our attorneys can represent you with no money upfront.

We’re committed to holding employers accountable when they retaliate against employees for unpaid wages. We want to make you a satisfied client and help you reach a fair resolution to your unpaid wages retaliation claim.

Unpaid Wages Retaliation Cases

Retaliation occurs when an employer takes an illegal action against an employee because they complain about unpaid wages. An illegal action may include any of the following actions:

  • Termination/firing
  • Failing to give a deserved promotion
  • Reduced pay
  • Denying work hours that otherwise would have been assigned
  • Negative performance evaluations
  • Increased monitoring or supervision
  • Statements that create a hostile work environment

Texas Labor Code Chapter 21 says that an employer may not fire, demote, harass, or otherwise retaliate against a worker because they report unpaid wages. Protected parties include any employee who submits a report, assists with a report, or participates in the investigation of an unpaid wages claim. The employee must show the causal link between the report and the retaliation. Each case depends on the facts of that particular case, and you must work to build the evidence to prove each essential part of the claim.

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