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Texas Janitor Unpaid Overtime Claim Lawyers

Janitors aren’t expected to adhere to a strict time schedule, they’re expected to finish the job. Often, that means working long hours and counting on being compensated accordingly. As you work hard to complete your daily duties, you are sacrificing time with loved ones to make a living for your family. Custodians are left with exhausting responsibilities, and it is only fair that you are paid for the time you spent working. If your employer decides that they don’t want to pay you the overtime rate that you deserve, it is not only disrespectful; it’s illegal. Your employer is obligated to pay you time-and-a-half for overtime, and their dishonest actions should not escape justice. You need to fight for what is owed to you and your family, and you need to hold these employers responsible.

If you are a non-exempt employee and have not received overtime pay for work that was completed, you may be forced to take legal action to claim the pay you are owed. The law compels employers to pay their employees overtime pay for working more than 40 hours in one week, regardless of what your boss may say. Leichter Law Firm PC has heard every excuse that employers try to make, and we do not tolerate their greedy actions. Our team of passionate attorneys are based in McAllen, Texas, and we have the experience and knowledge you need to take your employer to court. You don’t have to sacrifice your family’s financial stability so your boss can take another vacation. You work hard to earn a living, and you deserve every penny of your wage. The law recognizes deceitful practices, and we can prove your employer owes you for overtime.

Other law firms may try to settle with your employer to recover some of the money that was withheld from you, but Leichter Law Firm PC will fight for every hour you worked past 40 each week. We have dealt with employers in many different industries, and because of that, we have seen how employers use dishonest tactics to conceal proper payments to their employees. Whether or not you are hesitant to pursue legal action, you should strongly consider retaining the legal services of a qualified Texas overtime pay law firm to represent your claim. It may be the only way to hold the employer responsible, and your actions may prevent other innocent employees from being taken advantage of. Contact Leichter Law Firm PC today for a free consultation by calling (956) 205-0884 or completing our online form.

Why You Need an Attorney

Employers that decide to withhold wages and overtime pay are already in violation of employment laws, and their actions will likely continue without legal action.  You need the assistance of an experienced wage and overtime attorney who understands how to hold these employers responsible. To successfully prove that an employer concealed overtime pay, the court will need substantial evidence. Accounting information, payroll numbers, and tax information are all useful when arguing a claim, but this information is vulnerable to being edited against your favor. That’s why it is essential to hire a law firm with enough resources to scrutinize every aspect of the business and identify the employer’s illegal actions.

Why Choose Leichter Law Firm PC

Our firm is dedicated to holding employers responsible when they decide to take the low road and withhold earnings for their employees’ hard work. Janitors often work thankless jobs, and losing earned wages can be very frustrating. When money is withheld, and emotions are high, families can feel stressed about the future. We understand what you and your family are going through, and we are ready to represent you to the best of our ability. Let us put our experience and resources to work for you. We work hard to help protect the rights and hard-earned paychecks of people just like you in Texas, and we will not rest until you get the fair wages that you earned.

Cases We Handle

No matter what lies your employer may tell you, the law compels every employer to pay specific classifications of employees an overtime rate of one-and-a-half times the pay for every hour over 40. Even if you agreed to work overtime without pay, it’s illegal for your employer to allow this and they’re still required to compensate you for this time. Unfortunately, even though the law is on your side, employers still try to exploit their employees by refusing to pay this fair wage. We have seen cases involving employees in nearly every position, trade, and pay-grade, and we are familiar with how employers try to deny paying for overtime that was rightfully earned. Our attorneys represent clients involved with:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Retaliatory actions
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Misclassifying employees as exempt from OT
  • Labeling employees as independent contractors
  • Forced time off
  • Not paying increased rate

If you have worked more than 40 hours in one week, but your employer has refused to pay you at the legally required overtime rate, then you may be entitled to receive back-pay and other potential damages. We handle cases against employers, former employers, and have successfully represented groups of employees that were denied the wages they deserved. Speak with an experienced employment attorney by calling (956) 205-0884 so we can start helping you today.

Frequently asked questions

It’s entirely natural for you to have quite a few questions regarding your lost wages. Many janitors facing such illegal activity have similar questions, a few of which we’ve provided below for your convenience. For a closer look at your particular situation, consult with the Leichter Law Firm PC by calling (956) 205-0884.

What is the rate for overtime in the state of Texas?

The state of Texas requires employers to pay an hourly rate of 1.5 times the normal wage to employees that work more than 40 hours in one week. Because the current minimum wage is set at $7.25, the lowest overtime wage in Texas is $10.88 per hour. Information regarding your hourly pay should be labeled on your pay stub.

How is overtime calculated?

Overtime is accumulated on a weekly basis, and starts after 40 hours have been completed. Employers sometimes try to balance hours from one week with another week to avoid paying for overtime, but that is illegal. For instance, if you work 45 hours one week and 35 another week, the employer cannot avoid paying you overtime by averaging your pay for both weeks at 40 hours.

Should I file a claim with the appropriate government agency?

You should file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission, but do not expect this action alone to compel your employer to pay. Although the Texas Workforce Commission does its best to protect Texans from unfair employer practices, they are forced to follow bureaucratic procedures. Unfortunately, that often means a slow and uninspired investigation into the employer’s business practices, and you may not be able to afford to wait until the commission reaches a decision. Hiring a law firm to represent your claim is an effective solution to holding employers responsible, and a qualified employment attorney will be able to handle your claim every step of the way.

I don’t have time records of the overtime I worked. How will I prove my claim?

The burden falls on your employer to retain specific records regarding your hours. If they fail to properly store this information, it may prove to discredit them further. Employment attorneys are skilled at acquiring this information, and they employ teams of people to work on gathering company data. If the employer has willfully lost, destroyed, or neglected to keep accurate records of employee hours, the court believes it is their responsibility to then disprove your claim of unpaid overtime pay.

Contact Leichter Law Firm PC

Leichter Law Firm PC works hard to help custodial workers get the fair overtime wages that they are owed by law. With us on your side, you can find peace in knowing that a dedicated and professional law firm is handling your claim. We refuse to let employers disregard the law and fail to compensate their employees in accordance with wage and overtime laws in Texas. Leichter Law Firm PC understands your situation, and we are here to help make things right. You need to hire a firm that has successfully recovered overtime payments for their clients. Leichter Law Firm PC is ready to work for you, so call us today at (956) 205-0884, fill out a contact form, or chat with us live to discuss the specifics of your wages and your complaint.