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Texas Oilfield Workers Overtime Lawyer

Individuals employed on oilfields work long hours, but employers often deny their workers overtime pay. There is a common misconception that because a worker receives a salary or has the classification of an independent contractor, they are not entitled to overtime pay. Many 1099 employees and other workers, including field service engineers and technicians, tool pushers, and mud engineers should receive overtime pay, but don’t. Employers in the oil and gas industry often misclassify workers as exempt employees when they are not. If your employer denies you overtime pay, the Texas Oilfield Workers Overtime Lawyer at the Leichter Law Firm PC can help you receive the money you deserve. Learn more about the claims our overtime lawyers handle.

Possible Employer Violations

Employers often use illegal means to deny their workers the additional overtime pay they earned. Common violations include:

  • Denying overtime to salaried employees. Receiving a salary, rather than hourly wage, does not automatically exempt you from overtime pay.
  • Paying flat rates, day rates, or shift rates instead of considering how many hours the employee worked, therefore failing to pay additional time and one-half for overtime.
  • Improperly labelling a worker as an independent contractor when they are not. Agreeing to contract work does not necessarily mean you are barred from receiving overtime pay.
  • Improperly applying overtime exemptions. The title of “supervisor” or “manager” does not mean you are not entitled to overtime pay.
  • Failing to pay for time spent working off the clock, before and after scheduled work shifts. Employers generally must pay workers for travel time from the shop to their first job site, travel time between job sites, meetings (including safety meetings), prep time before jobs, and paperwork done at home.

Workers should know what money they deserve and require employers to compensate their work fully. Meet with a qualified attorney to discover if your employer is paying you less than you deserve.

Contact an Austin Labor Law Specialist

If you are an oil or gas worker, field service technician, or field worker who has worked more than 40 hours per week without additional compensation, speak with a qualified overtime attorney today. Our Board Certified Labor Law Specialist can help you figure out the money your employer owes you.

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