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Facebook suspected of discriminating based upon race in the workplace

Social networking giant based in California, Facebook, was recently slapped with a federal lawsuit due to allegations that the company was negligent in handling racial discrimination in their office in North Carolina, an article of Fortune reported on November 28.

According to reports, Robert Gary and Robert Duffy had begun to notice that the Facebook workplace appeared to be consistently discriminating against African-American workers like themselves, and their coworkers to be committing unchecked acts of racism. Duffy, who works as a manager in the North Carolina data center, filed for his resignation after the company reduced many of his duties, which came about in conjunction with him reporting discrimination in the workplace. Gary, who had been working as a maintenance worker, alleged that his salary is lower compared to white coworkers who do the same job. Gary also claimed that his salary increases are lower compared to white counterparts. A spokesperson for Facebook told reports that they would counter the lawsuit with a strong defense.

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