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Juvenile center employee accuses superintendent of harassment and discrimination

Discrimination and harassment claims were recently filed by a former Evins Regional Juvenile facility staff member against her supervisor due to allegations that her rights had been violated during the time she was working for the facility as a psychologist, an article from the Monitor reported on October 25.

According to reports, Dora Tijerina resigned from her job as a psychologist after a superintendent in the juvenile facility, identified as Juan Gonzalez, allegedly orchestrated a campaign to ruin her image as an employee. Gonzalez, who was accused of insulting Tijerina due to her size, had been known for “flirting” with younger female employees. Tijerina’s case on October 17 had been escalated to the federal court. The lawsuit is also suing Gonzalez’s spouse, Sandra due to allegations that she is using her position as a human resource specialist to intimidate female employees, including Tijerina, into not filing complaints against Juan. Gonzalez assumed the supervisory post in February after Jessica Cabrera filed for her resignation.

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