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Restaurant employee suing for wrongful termination after pregnancy

A former Chinese restaurant employee in Houston recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer claiming she was terminated from her job due to her pregnancy, an article of SE Texas Record reported on January 13.

In the lawsuit filed by Mary Durant on January 12, Durant claimed defendant Xie He Sheng, LLC terminated her from her job in 2015 without giving her reasons for doing so. Durant was reportedly hired to work for 888 Chinese Restaurant in 2014. Durant, who was pregnant at the time she was hired, was informed that the owner of the restaurant had a policy of not hiring pregnant women. The owner also does not allow women to work if they become pregnant. The manager allowed her to work despite being pregnant, giving her two days off from work. She was told to contact the restaurant for her next shift. Durant was able to continue working for 888 after having a miscarriage. Then in 2015, Durant became pregnant again. In her lawsuit, Durant requested a jury trial and requests to recover all the compensation she deserves as a result of her termination.

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Terminated attorney in Dallas complains of sexual harassment and retaliation

An assistant attorney in Dallas, Texas recently filed a complaint against the city attorney’s office claiming she was sexually harassed in the workplace and that she was a victim of retaliation, a December 15 article of The Brownsville Herald reported.

In the civil lawsuit recently filed in the Dallas County Court, plaintiff Petrina Thompson claimed an employee in her workplace sexually harassed her. Thompson also said other employees made her work environment hostile after she complained about the harassment. Thompson was later terminated from her job after she was placed in a job she was not hired or trained to do. She is suing to get her job back and recover all the expenses incurred in filing the lawsuit.

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Alleged discrimination prompted Texas woman to file lawsuit

A former magazine editor-in-chief recently claimed she was discriminated against by her employer because she had breast cancer, an article of Dallas Observer reported on October 17.

According to reports, 33-year-old Jacquelyne Froeber is suing Ink Publishing Corp. and American Airlines for compensations she is owed as a result of the employers terminating her contract. Froeber signed a five-year agreement with the airline and the publishing company that provides the airline magazines. However, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Froeber was notified that she would be transferred to Ink Publishing’s Florida office because their office in Dallas would cease operations. The transfer would require Froeber to file another job application. Froeber claims that her cancer treatment was the reason why she was discriminated against. While American Airlines commented that Froeber’s claim has no basis, the publication company did not release a statement regarding the claim.

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