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Former Pflugerville police officer sues city, demanding back pay for care of K-9 partner

A former Pflugerville police officer has filed a wage and overtime claim against the city, demanding back-pay for caring for his K-9 partner. The officer, Jefferson Schaefer began working for the city as an hourly worker in 2010, and his suit claims that he did not receive any overtime compensation for the work he performed, which could be a violation of federal labor law. The former officer seeks compensation for the after-hours care he was required to do for his K-9 partner, Cora. These duties consisted of feeding, training, exercising, and providing general care for the dog away from work. Schaefer is represented in his lawsuit by labor and employment attorney David Langenfeld.

Attorney Langenfeld told the Austin American Statesman that while some departments have agreements in place to pay officers for the additional duties of caring for their K-9 partners, the city of Pflugerville does not, and thus, Schaefer is entitled to fair compensation for his after-hours work. “It’s a big issue all over the state, all over the country,” Langenfeld tells the paper. “Police officers have tough jobs, and they ought to be paid for all the hours they work, just like everybody else.”