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David treated me with respect and was professional through the entire process. His confidence and consultation put my mind at ease, which removed all my stress. I would recommend David’s services to anyone.

Cam Collin

I really appreciate your help and God bless you. I would truly be lost without you in these matters.


It was a cosmic moment when I became aware of David Langenfeld.
An odd late night television ad brought us together.
He helped me in a very complicated employment case.
He was thorough and prepared.
I was a nervous wreck in my mediation.
In the end, he was most successful and I am, to this day grateful, for what was a very tumultuous employment situation. He took care of me.
To this day we remain in contact and avid baseball friends and foes (me-Kansas City Royals and he, Houston Astros).
He is my friend and an attorney I can support and recommend… Any day …. Any time…. Any where.

White, Holly

Thank you for representing me, Mr. Langfield. You have exceeded my expectations.

Erika Holder

Thank God I have a caring lawyer. May God bless you for blessing me. Thank you.