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Things employees can do after being denied overtime pay

Every employee should know they are entitled to be paid for all the hours that they work. So, when employers require their employees to extend the time they work past the standard 40 hours per week, workers are entitled to receive a corresponding payment for the time they spent working. Below are some actions employees could take if they believe they are being denied their overtime pay.

  1. Record the exact hours you spent at work. Though some companies may actually have their own timekeeping system, employees may want to have their own copy as proof of their time rendered at work.
  2. Notify the U.S. Department of Labor if you suspect your employer wrongfully classified you as an on-call employee, volunteer worker, or independent contractor. By filling out the SS-8 form of the IRS, employees will know if their employer deliberately misclassified them.
  3. Contact an attorney who specializes in employment law to help you move your case forward.

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