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Why Hire Leichter Law Firm?

Why Hire Leichter Law Firm? | Leichter Law Firm | (956) 205-0884

If you believe you have an employment law case in your hands, contact the Texas employment law attorneys of the Leichter Law Firm at (956) 205-0884 today.


I’m David Lagenfeld. Why should you consider hiring me for your employment law case well first of all I’ve been practicing law now for more than 25 years in that time I’ve represented a lot of different clients in a lot of different cases against a lot of different adversaries at this point there’s not much I haven’t seen.

Secondly I’m board certified as a specialist in labor and employment law there about a hundred thousand lawyers in the state of Texas and less than 1% of those lawyers are board certified as specialists in labor and employment law. Now board certification is not some marketing ploy the Texas Board of Legal Specialization was created at the request of the Texas Supreme Court to recognize lawyers who truly specialized in their area of practice. To become board certified the attorney must first demonstrate a broad range of experience in his field. He must also demonstrate character and ethics. After that the attorney has to take and pass a very difficult written examination. Only attorneys who have done this become board certified and only attorneys that are board certified can legally call themselves a specialist in their area of law. I’m board certified. I’m a specialist in labor and employment law.

Finally before I started practice seen exclusively in employment law I did a lot of criminal defense and when I did that I picked a lot of juries not tried a lot of cases. I’ve won not guilty verdicts for clients charged with crimes ranging from DWI up to murder so that means I don’t back down and I know my way around courtroom so if you’re looking for an attorney who is experienced who’s a board certified employment law specialist and who’s not afraid to go to the courthouse call me. I’m David Lagenfeld.