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What employees should know about wrongful discharge in Texas

Employees often have to deal with emotional and financial hardships when they get fired from their work. However, they should know there is a law that protects them from wrongful termination.

Under statutory law, employers cannot release their employees if the grounds for terminating them is based on their race, religion, citizenship, sexual orientation, or age. Employees also cannot be terminated from their jobs after reporting a safety violation or negligence they discover in the workplace. Under common law recognition, employers cannot terminate their employees because they refuse to perform a criminal activity.

Employees who suspect they were wrongfully discharged could file a legal claim against their employer to potentially recover their lost wages and to protect future employees from abusive employers. If you have decided to file a legal claim against your employer in Austin, an attorney at the Leichter Law Firm PC may be able to represent you. Discuss your situation with us today by calling (956) 205-0884.